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Famed for its mushrooming business and idyllic countryside, the land of Fungham has seen better days. A child has gone missing, a demonic witch haunts the woods and if you're not careful, gnomes will take your socks. Also, there is a pig king... don't ask. But why have all these creatures suddenly appeared? Where did the witch come from and what does she want? Could the answer to everything lie behind the ancient gate in the nearby mountains?

The Witch's Lullaby is a classical point and click adventure reminiscent of the King's Quest or Quest for Glory series. It was made in two weeks for AdvJam 2022, mainly to scratch a nostalgic itch for lush fantasy forests in glorious 320x200. Enjoy!


Written, drawn and coded by Jan Vávra

Music by Paco Diago

Sounds by Maxim Grachev / freesound.org

Lullaby lyrics by Kasia "Hitohai" Wasylak

Developed using Adventure Game Studio and Adobe Photoshop

Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(32 total ratings)
AuthorsHonza Vávra, PacoDiago
GenreAdventure, Puzzle
Made withAdobe Photoshop, Adventure Game Studio
TagsComedy, Fairy Tale, Fantasy, Point & Click, Retro


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I don't want to complain or pressure you, but I just wanted to ask how is work on the extended version of "The Witch's Lullaby" going...

I was about to ask something similar but with the "HD" version (wich its the same than this but with higher resolution). I have seen some screenshoots and it's a very nice update. Or the HD and the extended are the same? 

I loved this game when I played in its day!

Yes, this was what I meant. It's a pity that there are no updates...


Thank you for this wonderful game. I love it.


This is one of the best point n clicks I ever played. Your stuff is incredibly good, especially the story, I can see you really thought through a lot of the story and it pays off fantastically. Cheers from Slovakia.

Excellent game ! I give 4,5/5 because of the in-time game stretching with the dumb pig pixel hunt... I love the atmosphere, the plot is predictable, but what an amazing work ! Thank :)

Thank you! Although I have to say, "the dumb pig pixel hunt" tends to be the most well-received puzzle in the game :P


Is it possible you missed that you needed to have the pig item selected as your cursor and then it points to the correct pixel?

Oh, I can imagine that would *really* make it frustrating... but I think the "pixel" (which is actually a reasonably sized square ;)) is inactive if the pig isn't selected.


Lovely, lovely old time-y point & click adventure!

I liked the art, the atmosphere, the story, and the music really brought the whole thing together. I especially liked the violin part of the main theme!



very good


This was absolutely enchanting!


Finally, after digging through endless trash I found it - a game with a well-written and well-paced story. The best thing I played this year, for sure. The twist with curtain, the humor - everything works. 


Legit, cute simple game. Just like fairy tales it was inspired by, the moral and ending are great and really make it worth playing.


Great game!

The backgrounds are great, I like how every room in the world is connected, you really feel like you're exploring a real environment!

The puzzles were fun and the game had a nice flow: I didn't get stuck, but I didn't feel they were too easy either.

The music was lovely as well.

Incredible work, especially for a jam game!


Absolutely  great game! Puzzles, story, music... thank you!


Really great story and puzzles and wonderfully atmospheric, captivated me from start to finish. Congrats!


Really great game, also had a bit of difficulty finding entrances and exists like a couple of others but apart from that the story, game play and world were all built perfectly.

A walkthrough if anybody's stuck

Great game! I loved the gnomes and the pig king :D.

The pig thing was very ingenious hehe

The only thing I have to contribute is that it was a little difficult for me to find some paths because they were not very obvious (the ones that went down and the one that led to the candle of the guard tower).

Thank you very much, glad you had a good time! I'll make the exit hotspots bigger in the next update :).


I just finished the game, it's amazing


Having fun with this game, though I ran into a glitch I think I will have to replay the game to fix.  (spoilers)

From Anna's walkthrough, after you investigate Tobin's room and get his mom's blessing to look for him, one of the statues is supposed to let you activate it's switch. Then you can ask the Pig King for his blessing. However, when I played it, the statue never activated. I have no idea what I might have done, since no one else seems to have had this issue. I plan to replay the game another day and hope I don't mess up the variables this time.


Ha, that's really strange. The only thing I can think of is - if you investigate the room before you know you need a mother's blessing (so before you examine the statues or before Helga translates the symbols for you), the player character doesn't ask Masha for her blessing after the flashback cutscene. You then have to talk to her again once you know what you need from her, and she will give you her blessing.

If this doesn't work, then it's probably really a bug. Let me know how it played out, thanks for reporting!


Or maybe - and sorry if this is insultingly obvious, just making sure - you're clicking the statue's mouth, right? :)

I have talked to Helga many times, but I never had an option to have her translate the symbols, nor can I find a spot on the statue to examine the symbols. I must have missed something that activates that discussion? That is probably why the mother's blessing is not working.

No need to worry about "insultingly obvious" questions.  I've uploaded some games myself and you can't know if something was missed/broken unless you ask :)


Ok, let's see if we can crack this :)

- right-click either one of the statues. You memorize the symbols.

- talk to Helga. You tell her about the statues and try to describe the symbols, but she wants you to show them to her more directly.

- use the stick (found in front of Tarik and Masha's house) on the patch of sand in front of Helga. You draw the symbols and she tells you they mean "mother's blessing" and "king's blessing".

- now talk to Masha. If you have examined the room, she should give you her blessing.

- this should also allow you to visit the king once you get a "royal" seal. Otherwise the clerk doesn't let you in, you must first state the reason of your visit, which is to ask for the king's blessing.


Right click! That was what I did not think to do. I skipped past the instructions quicker than I should have and did not notice I could right click on items until about halfway through the game and there are apparently some places I had not thought to investigate yet. I will go right click the statues.

Finished the game today. Thank you for your help.


No problem, hope you had a good time!


Badass game. Good story, puzzles and writing. Loved it. Super well done.


This game is really good! I like the art style, lots of things to interact with, logical progression (though the pig thing confused me for a second but I got there) and a good little story. All done in 2 weeks? Amazing!


Nice story and good game, congrats. Pixel hunting is not my thing, but in this case is not a random thing.

Muchas gracias Ana! Yo hice la musica, y como no puedo jugar al juego, me he visto tu gameplay un monton de veces

Gracias Paco! Enhorabuena por el resultado y un buen merecido primer puesto.


Very well made game. A bit easier than your other games, I felt, but it kept up a nice pace with both puzzles and story. I'll never cease to be amazed at how you manage to churn out those wonderfully drawn backgrounds and animations so quickly. Really felt like the illustrations in my fairytale book from my childhood coming alive and playing one of the stories.

Would have liked to see a bit more "fluff" with some more descriptions for background items, to add a bit worldbuilding on top of the great visual atmosphere.

My only small gripe is that the resolution of the game may be a bit too low in this case to match the amazing quality of your art. When running full-screen on a large monitor, it feels a bit fuzzy or blurry (the graphics in Off the Clock and Long in the Tooth felt sharper). But really, that is just a minor thing.

Great work!


Wonderful game, and lots of fun!  


verybiuuutifull ... which engine did you use?


Thank you! AGS.


Congratulations 😍!

Thank you! :)