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In medieval Bohemia, Marie and Jakub struggle to escape a terrible curse - but their futures have already been written. A short point and click adventure made in two weeks for AdvXJam2021.

Made by Kasia "Hitohai" Wasylak & Jan Vávra

Music by Asia Cybele & Adam Halpin

Sounds found at freesound.org

How to play:

  • You only need the left mouse button.
  • Click the ground to walk.
  • Point your cursor at things. If the cursor changes and a label appears, click!
  • Move the cursor to the top of the screen to access your inventory. Select items by clicking them, then use them on other items / objects by - you guessed it - clicking again.
  • Clicking empty space (or right-clicking) deselects the item.


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Ossuarium-Windows-v1.2.zip 24 MB
Ossuarium-Linux-v1.2.zip 27 MB
Ossuarium-Mac-v1.2.zip 26 MB

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I didn't play the game but I thought the humour was funny, the joke was great too and the story was nice. A little bit sad but still nice.


Nice point and click, I really enjoyed this :)

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idk if it's just me, but all texts on my game screen are dark blue and hard to read (in a gothic font, i guess), instead of the regular red texts i see in your screenshots and others' playthroughs. (also in  Off the Clock everything looks blue-ish instead of the warmer colors in your screenshots) .. i use mac (m1)  

Thank you for reporting, I'll look into it!


Thank you for developing Ossuarium! We had so much fun when we played it on our stream, thank you for joining us! 😊
I wrote little recaps of the AdvXJam games for our blog and I'll add this one here:

Ossuarium quickly cast a spell on us with its witty puzzles and wonderful dialogues. The Devs used a Shakespearean Translator and let's just say it was a lot of fun voicing the resulting dialogues.

The game takes place in a black-and-white medieval world and puts you into the shoes of Marie and Jakub, who are trying to escape a terrible curse. A wonderful point-and-click adventure that we appreciate for its dark humor!

Whoa, thank you very much! We really enjoyed your stream, especially how much time you devoted to feedback after playing. More of that please! If the whole stream was 20% playthrough and 80% review/discussion, I think we wouldn't mind :). We were also charmed by the voice acting, especially Ines' rendition of Marie fit the character really well :).

(and just for the record, the Shakespearean Translator was more of a joke - it does exist: https://lingojam.com/EnglishtoShakespearean, but we actually didn't use it that much ;)).


Oh no, so sorry that I spread false information then, I'll correct it in the blogpost! 😂 But: even more impressed that you wrote the dialogues yourself!
I'll take your feedback into consideration for our next gamejam-streams, maybe we can add a little more review-talk. 😊Oh and thanks, Marie was probably my favorite character to voice during all our playthroughs! 😄


Loved the art and the story was great too!Enjoyed it!!


Happy to hear that, thanks for recording a playthrough!


Really liked this one, bro! Still not sure if I prefer it to Off the Clock... Both are really captivating!

Nice, thank you, glad to hear that!


Quite a curse... and it's not only a nice & fun adventure game, you learn about actual places in the world. :) 


You nailed it with that thumbnail image :). Thank you for the playthrough!


Hehe, glad you liked it. I thought it just had to be bones all the way, including the TV series Bones. :) 

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Glad to hear that, and thank you for the playthrough!


Very nicely done. Pretty dark story and some twists that I didn't see coming.


Thanks, Steven, glad you liked it! And happy that the twists worked :).

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wow ...great work

Happy you enjoyed it and thank you for recording a playthrough!

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yes ... i like goth story


me parece excelente 

Muchas gracias!